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Jackson State to Cut Budget and Borrow Money to Aid Finances
dcjsufan wrote: Let me add, in addition to giving, this is a big one, folks in the state of MS need to organize and get out and vote for governor. As it currently stands, the governor appoints members to IHL!!! There should be a sense of urgency to ensure a viable candidate is chosen that will challenge Tate Reeves next year that will have the support of JSU. I digress for now.   

Never thought about this viewpoint but that makes sense. Only problem is getting someone up there that would help us.
News on Presidential Search
Well he's the president now. Nothing to do about it but support JSU. I understand he will have to make executive decisions in order to stabilize JSU but best believe he will be walking a thin line. He would probably be best to leave the athletics alone except for maybe looking at a new AD. I would not go touching the coaches. If he mentions anything about dropping the student population, he may be gone very soon. Also he better not drag his buddies from Valley down here. He better be creative in what he does otherwise alumni will see it.
News on Presidential Search
Just asking, if this guy screws up the university in ways similar to Meyers, then would we have grounds for a lawsuit saying they didn't consider the university's decisions as well as selected someone that did not even make it past preliminaries?
News on Presidential Search
Not sure if that would totally be a bad idea though even though I know you're joking.... Sometimes it takes someone that's run the teams before to have the best knowledge about what the teams need. Look at how State made the baseball coach the AD last year. Hell Comegy has been here before and knows how we run. Only problem is would he be vindictive and try to screw us up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
News on Presidential Search
JSU in the Carolinas wrote:

That was my thought as well. Remember the "committee" wanted Harold Jackson too.

You just had to bring that up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
News on Presidential Search
Not sure how I feel about this. On paper he's not terrible but at the same time, are we mad that he's coming from Valley or are we mad he's not qualified? Resume wise, he's shown signs of improvement at other places. However, it's a difference between 4K student Valley and 10K student JSU. I'm not sure how we've gone from there possibles that everyone liked to this. The IHL is toying with us now. They saw all of the positivity surrounding names like Hardy, Lackey, and Minor and went in the total opposite direction. First the lady from Florida Memorial and now this. Why is it so hard to get a solid name that knows how to run colleges at this level. I'm sure there's a provost somewhere looking to move up in the world at one of these other FCS schools or lower FBS schools.
News on Presidential Search
Ok I like what was said. Basically we have someone we like, please respect that.
News on Presidential Search
YEQue wrote: I can't see them bringing her to campus to interact with the different groups of stakeholders. She would get hammered.

I'm thinking the same thing. At this point, it seems like the IHL is trying to test our resolve and see if we actually care about the university by pulling this stunt. That woman wouldn't make it through any kind of campus meetings.
News on Presidential Search
Why am I hearing that a university lost its accreditation under this lady!!!??? Why is she even being considered at all if we're already in the hole with problems. This is a blatant move by the IHL to weaken JSU because they feel we are a threat. Why can't we influence the decision other than saying that we prefer Minor over her?
News on Presidential Search
JSU Alum wrote:

We don't need a Donald Trump at JSU! [smile]

I'm hearing Dr. Lackey didn't make the cut!

Lol nah a Trump like JSU president wouldn't end well at all. He'd probably encase the entire university in a wall to separate it from the hood and get IHL to pay it off.

Whoever gets in there will probably spend the next two years righting the ship. It's important that athletics get right especially revenue generating sports. We wasted a lot of money fooling with HJ and crew. I think Hughes will right the ship this year. Once those get back on track, money can stop being diverted there so much and can focus on other aspects of the university.
News on Presidential Search
Can be if it's too much but at the same time, Hardy ran CSET when it was rolling. I seriously believe he can get it back going again. Lackey may be witty and laid back, but JSU also did run pretty well under him during those interim years. Minor seems young to me unless I'm getting him mixed up with someone else.
Harold Jackson and the IHL
Sooo I read the article but I'm not truly understanding why he's suing the IHL.
News on Presidential Search
So an article posted by one of my HS friends claims that three candidates have been leaked out.
Dr. Mark Hardy
Dr. Hilliard Lackey
Dr. James T. Minor
Howard Culinary arts school

I see Howard did what I've been wanting JSU to envision doing something of the sort. A culinary arts school is different and I don't think there is another one in this state. I've been wanting us to expand our reach in different areas but that seems to be something that'll have to wait with our current situation. Things like that add to the value of a school and help with funding and things of that nature. Being multifaceted helps attract different kinds of students and helps with finances in different ways. Just my two cents. I know we visited this kind of topic before with thoughts of a nursing or dental school.
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