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JSU's new CFO
interesting appointment
JSU mascot says his Tiger uniform was embarrassing (video)
Kinda makes sense in a way.  Our team is not that fierce and our mascot looks the part.  But there's no excuse for the school not caring enough to rep us in the right way, especially given the strong tradition that Wavy laid down.  Another leadership fail.
Bynum is ready to lead JSU - Interview with Othor Cain
He seems to know what it takes. Thanks for posting.
Jackson State to Cut Budget and Borrow Money to Aid Finances
dcjsufan wrote: Let me add, in addition to giving, this is a big one, folks in the state of MS need to organize and get out and vote for governor. As it currently stands, the governor appoints members to IHL!!! There should be a sense of urgency to ensure a viable candidate is chosen that will challenge Tate Reeves next year that will have the support of JSU. I digress for now.   

Jackson State to Cut Budget and Borrow Money to Aid Finances
Yes, whenever we give as an alum group, it should be a big number, and it shouldn't just be a presentation on the field at halftime. That should come only after the signing of a formal agreement that states how the funds are to be used and when the expenditure report is due back to the alum assoc.
Jackson State to Cut Budget and Borrow Money to Aid Finances
This is what I will be recommending to Yolanda Owens when I get with her:

I considered the tact of withholding contributions the Univ and have been torn over how best to proceed. 'Torn' because I don't want to do anything directly or indirectly that negatively impacts the students, yet I want to send a message to the IHL that would be effective.

Haven't figured out what to do except renew my alumni dues, which I did, and to work through the JSUNAA. The natl president, Yolanda Owens, lives here, and I know she is very unhappy with the IHL. She told Bynum publicly that she is watching him.
I'm thinking the alumni assoc is developing a leverage angle for going forward.

I want to see what that plan is. One idea Some of us came up with is to advocate for restricting all alumni association giving to use on certain high priority purposes and with strings attached. Those purposes need to be of a critical nature and the strings would be related to the Univ President and how we want him to deal with the IHL.

We would need to understand what the law requires of him in working with the IHL so that we can fashion some smart, verifiable rules of engagement with him that will ensure his fidelity to Thee while keeping him within his legal bounds. We don't need to just trust him. We need to find ways to be able to verify that his administration of the Univ is in our interest.

Would be best if we used our unhappiness as fuel to raise serious money for Thee I Love. Then leverage it in negotiations with him to keep him and all future presidents in line.
Jackson State to Cut Budget and Borrow Money to Aid Finances
The alumni assoc has to re-group and plan a new strategy.
News on Presidential Search
Summary by a JSU alum who attended the meeting on Monday, June 5, of the HBCU alums with a Black member of the IHL, Shannon Cooper, in Tupelo: 

it went as expected. Mr. Cooper is very articulate and was well prepared for questions. He has a military background and controlled the session like the officer he was in the Marines. His bottom line was that the search committee had the responsibility of narrowing down the field of applicants (<50) but the IHL Board is charged with the final selection. His position was the IHL has 2 primary charges: the first is to establish policy for the 8 State universities & selecting the President of those universities. He made it clear that Dr. Bynum submitted his application for consideration and the IHL did NOT draft him for the position. It was implied that MVSU presidency is considered a stepping stone position and if Dr. Bynum didn't leave for JSU, he would likely have left for some other opportunity. The session focused on the poor standings of MVSU prior to Dr. Bynum and the improvements made during his tenure there. Mr. Cooper said some of the recommended candidates hadn't been in leadership positions at other institutions of higher learning and had limited financial backgrounds. It was admitted that the IHL board was comfortable working with Dr. Bynum and impressed by his accomplishments at MVSU.
The MVSU attendees were pushing for a commitment to maintain the course that D. Bynum had set for MVSU. They pushed for one of the VP's to remain as president. I didn't take notes but the VP is currently serving as the interim President at Valley.
The Alcornites were assured that their president was doing a fine job.
Mr. Cooper said the evaluation of Presidents in MS."s university system has been changed to identify developing issues with universities and their presidents. He also said he would be willing to come back to speak to the group.
Finally, the JSU alumni were outnumbered by both MVSU & Alcorn. I have been told that the Tupelo/Northeast Mississippi chapter is the only JSU alumni chapter in northeast Mississippi. It leaves a lot to be desired. The JSU alums  were <10 people!
News on Presidential Search
I saw one of our local alumni chapter members this morning and learned that Bynum and his wife were here in Atlanta this past weekend for our annual jazz scholarship event.  Said the two of them were really working the crowd.  Said they seemed nice enough.  There was no preaching...
News on Presidential Search
Well, we're stuck with him, and I'm trying to figure on how to cope. I'm really interested in hearing what people on here think about this issue.
More Cuts-JSU Madison campus closes
In the situation we're in, I'm thinking it would be hard to justify continuing to pay the operating cost of the Madison campus, and I would think the same would apply to the downtown campus.  Those were some big bets that Meyers made (hail marys?).  Hopefully, these decisions are all being looked at with good business lenses.  We need to cut on-going operating losses if they are any.  But does this mean simply getting out of building leases or are there buildings that we own that can be sold or leased out?   
News on Presidential Search
One of my frat bros is going to this meeting with an IHL board member today in Tupelo. This is a Black guy.

Subject: Fw: This afternoon we hope to see all of you and you will bring a friend.

Fellow HBCU graduates and students please come out today, Monday, June 5, 2016, this evening, at 6PM to the Lee County Library to hear Mr. Shane Hooper, a member of the Board of Trustees for Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning. Mr. Hooper will share information of great importance we need to know regarding the workings of the.

Mr. Shane Hooper was appointed to the Board by Governor Phil Bryant in May 2012 to represent the Third (Northern) Supreme Court District for a term to expire May 7, 2021.

Mr. Hooper is a graduate of Itawamba Agricultural High School and David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn. After graduation, he served his country as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

He has enjoyed a career in the insurance and financial services industry for 16 years. Shane is president of Success Learning Corporation Inc., a training provider for the insurance and financial services industry.

Active in the community, Mr. Hooper is past president of the Tupelo Rotary Club, past president of the Gardner-Simmons Home for Girls and past president of United Way of Northeast Mississippi. He has also served as the Planning and Property division chair for the Community Development Foundation (CDF) and the Economic Development division chair for CDF.
Mr. Hooper has received the "Rotarian of the Year" award and the "Tupelo's Top Twenty Young Professionals" award. He is currently a board member of the United Way of Northeast Mississippi, the Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi, North Mississippi Health Services, Health Link, North Mississippi Medical Center, Good Samaritan Free Clinic, Sanctuary Hospice House and Second Vice Chairman of CDF.

Mr. Hooper is married to Sarah Hooper, he has two sons Christopher and Channing and a step daughter Ella Bess.
He is director of Development Services for the city of Tupelo the heartbeat of economic development, engineering, neighborhood development and permitting.

Mr. Hooper is married to Sarah Hooper, he has two sons Christopher and Channing and a step daughter Ella Bess.leriedearie

We are looking forward to seeing you, please bring a friend.

The Tupelo-Northeast MS Alumni Chapter

News on Presidential Search
If they leave the Valley position open for a while, they would have someone at JSU who would soon know both schools and would be in a position to have a say in running both situations.
More Cuts-JSU Madison campus closes
BluTiger! wrote: I think the School of Journalism and Media Studies should be considered a hard earned "Jewel" among our Academic Programs and every effort possible should be put forth to save it!  

This!!! Totally agree. Cuts should be surgical.
More Cuts-JSU Madison campus closes
Elaine and Henderson could go elsewhere and do well if they wanted as they are both first class.
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