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What Happen to THEEiLove
JSU2000 wrote: I can understand students wanting a refund,........

Students get in free....Now students from another school, that is another issue, better stay at your own HC...., lol yeah i'm salty
What Happen to THEEiLove

Honestly, I feel some type of way by this. We always saying we want better or more for JSU. This would have been the opportunity for people to step up and show how much they care for their institution. However you have JSU "Fans" that probably have never donated 2 cent to JSU standing in line for a refund. If you are pressing that hard for $20 maybe you shouldn't have even made plans to attend Homecoming. 

Homecoming hubbub: Losses adding up for JSU

Ticket refunds alone could cost $200,000


Gateway Classic 2014 - JSU and UAPB??
BlueBengal07 wrote: well..... there you go. what about Southern also?! trying to do a classic somewhere or something?!


Well i meant to say SU game also in September. Sept 2014 going to be a busy month for the JSU Football Tigers. Memphis, STL, and JSUvsSU....

JSU vs SU should never be a neutral  site game unless it is SWAC Championship, it is good to have a home and home HBCU Rivalry that is not a classic. 
Gateway Classic 2014 - JSU and UAPB??
I believe it is true. i seriously doubt they would put both schools on the website and announce it, if they haven't already signed the contract. So we will have Memphis and two weeks later heading to STL.  NO to mention probably SU let me start saving $$$ now.
Gateway Classic 2014 - JSU and UAPB??
Well according to their website it is on....
Gateway Classic 2014 - JSU and UAPB??
Interesting, that will be great since we have a nice Alumni chapter in STL
Can You Believe This?!!
wow what is the world coming to
Homecoming 2013

Here in Memphis (just Touched Down)
Fellow 1400 Klub Members what are you all getting into here in Memphis.....hopefully we will all bump into each!!!
Motivational Quote of The Day

“The courageous choice is the decision to do something even when it’s unpopular, uncelebrated, and probably even unnoticed”


--Lysa TerKeurst


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