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David Hoard Fired
What happened??????????????
Unionization of College Sports...
Ehhh Im still learning about this situation..But how can they unionize as college athletics...And you are right this would kill small college athletics like us...
New Dorms Coming! (Fall 2014)
Wow thats what Im talking about! 
JSU Fall 2013 Enrollment Highest in History
This is one of the things that got Meyers fired at Norfolk we'll see how this works out...
I still dont fully understand why we Obama wants to go to war with them...
General Discussion
Please go to the Sports Board to discuss Sports Topics starting today all sports threads will be either deleted or moved to the sports board. 
Lurkers are good...the1400Klub has now made it to wear you cannot view topics and threads unless you are a member.. 
JSU keep advancing...
Very cool...
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