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1400 Klub Rules is NOT an official website for Jackson State University, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, nor the Southwestern Athletic Conference. 1400 Klub Forum is intended to be a venue where members of the Jackson State University family can meet to discuss JSU athletics and share our affinity for Jackson State University. Visitors to this forum include JSU fans and alums, but players/recruits/potential students and their respective parents, coaches, administrators, and members of the press welcomed as well. Occasionally non-JSU fans may read opinions that they do not agree.  For Jackson State supporter's activity on the forum must be conducted first and foremost in a way that reflects the dignity of our University. It must also be conducted in a way that maximizes the forum's benefit to its intended constituency. Accordingly, the following rules are established as a guideline to posters and administrators alike. Posts that exceed the guidelines will be deleted and continued breaches of the rules will subject the poster to being banned. 

The rules are as follows: 

1. Use of profanity or posting obscene content, or links to such, is not allowed. 

2. Personal insults of Jackson State players, coaches, administrators or fellow posters are not allowed. In addition, do not call for the firing of a coach during their season or post rumors on player injuries or post or contribute rumors concerning anything to do with information inflammatory or harmful to Jackson State University or Jackson State Athletics. (These are common sense rules to avoid potential harm to our athletic programs). 

3. Attempting to register or posting under different monikers is not allowed. 

4. Posts that attempt to make commercial use or other unauthorized use of including, but not limited to linking or quoting other internet forums, blogs or other websites for promotional, marketing or other reasons must be approved by The1400Klub at prior to posting (This is common Internet etiquette). Spam will be deleted and posters banned.

5. Please do not post copyrighted, private or commercial work, pictures, photos, stories on The 1400 Klub without permission or attribution of the said material in the manner specified on the originating website by the author, owner or licensee. It is the policy of to respect fully the wishes of copyrighted material. 

6. Any actions or activity by The 1400 Klub's administrators or moderators (e.g. the editing of a rule-breaking post, the deletion of a rule-breaking post or thread) including ANY posting or discussion of said moderation activity will not be discussed on the main forums. This is non-negotiable and any post will be deleted ASAP. Further ignorance of this rule will result in a vacation from 

If you have any suggestions , thoughts, inquiry, complaint or question, please send an email to to The 1400 Klub at . Put inquiry in the subject line. Your email will be answered.

7. Regulation of the activity of this board is not strictly limited to these guidelines. The "spirit of the rules" will be enforced as judged by the forum administrators. The forum administrators will use their judgment in regulating board activity with the moderators being the ultimate arbiter. Posts deemed breaking the The 1400 Klub  rules will be edited and/or deleted. Multiple violations will be privately warned. If the issues continue, subsequent leaves or dismissal from The 1400 Klub  will be used as a final result. Moreover, if a moderator is in error, a rule is deemed unnecessary or a change needs to be made, as the administrators of, we are open to the honesty and improvement of the forum.

 Do not under any circumstances personally attack Jackson State University student-athletes (this includes verbal and signed recruiting commitments)YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL TAKE A LONG LEAVE FROM The 1400 Klub. 

I ask the following guidelines are used as a framework for discussion and debate going forward...

Thank you for your cooperation,

Thank You and please enjoy the website.
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