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Sooo I read the article but I'm not truly understanding why he's suing the IHL.
Here's why he's suing the IHL, Meyers, and former IHL Chair Boyce:

In the lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday, the former coach cites employment and racial discrimination and a breach of his contract, alleging that JSU tried to pay him $65,000 as a "buyout" of his employment contract instead of the $300,000 still owed to him.

The complaint states that "sadly, the IHL has continued its discriminatory practices in the form of extending employment contracts to African American Head Football Coaches with terms that are materially different than those extended to non-African American Football Head Coaches". 

Jackson alleges in the complaint that over the past four years, the IHL has extended employment contract terms to white Head Football Coaches that provide those employees with the right to be paid the remainder of the value of their employment contracts in the event that they are terminated without cause.

The complaint specifically mentions the employment agreements of Hugh Freeze (Ole Miss), Todd Monken (USM), Jay Hopson (USM, Alcorn State), Todd Cooley (Delta State) and Dan Mullen (MSU).

Jackson says the IHL extends employment contracts to African American Head Football Coaches that contain provisions that require them to accept a "meager sum" as a payout of what they are rightfully entitled to - the balance of their contract in the event they are terminated early by the IHL without cause. 

The complaint goes on to mention Ricardo Comegy (JSU, MVSU), Anthony Hughes (JSU) and Jackson were offered contracts with these terms.


This article contains the complaint and shows the contract terms extended to Freeze and other White coaches and the terms extended to Comegy, Jackson, and Hughes.


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