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Fight over College of Business leadership brews at JSU

Jimmie E. Gates , The Clarion-Ledger Published 1:47 p.m. CT April 28, 2017

Thirteen tenured faculty members of the Jackson State University’s College of Business have voted no confidence in their dean.

Maury Granger, a professor in the Department of Economics, said 19 of the 20 tenured faculty met April 21, and 13 cast a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Ramin Cooper Maysami.

Granger said untenured faculty weren’t invited to participate in the vote because of fear of possible retaliation. The College of Business has 40 full-time staffers, according to its website.

Some faculty members are unhappy because Maysami has proposed shutting down the Department of Economics, according to Granger.

Maysami said via email of the dispute: "It is all about resistance to change."

Maysami said the economics program has been identified as low productivity by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning for several years, and the options given to the university are to delete or suspend it.

"I have been working hard to save it but I don't know how much longer the decision could be delayed," Maysami said.

Maysami said he has been addressing long-lasting inefficiencies in the College of Business, which have made some faculty fearful of losing their positions.

He asked the question: "How can there be no confidence in a dean that just secured AACSB accreditation for the College (of Business)? "

Fight over College of Business leadership brews at JSU

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It's not as glamorous anymore. Personally, a focus in data analytics may be a good substitute. Or you can do this. Force those who only get a BBA to minor in either finance or Econ. That way the BBA folks will have another tool in their toolbox

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